PhD Thesis

Submodular Optimization Under Uncertainty
[pdf], [slides]


  1. Set Covering with Our Eyes Wide Shut
    with Anupam Gupta and Gregory Kehne
    In Submission
    [arXiv], [slides]

  2. Chasing Positive Bodies
    with Sayan Bhattacharya, Niv Buchbinder, and Thatchaphol Saranurak
    FOCS 2023
    [arXiv], [slides]

  3. Competitive Algorithms for Block-Aware Caching
    with Christian Coester, Seffi Naor, and Ohad Talmon
    SPAA 2022

  4. Random Order Set Cover is as Easy as Offline
    with Anupam Gupta and Gregory Kehne
    FOCS 2021
    [arXiv], [doi], [HIM talk], [CMU talk], [short talk], [slides]

  5. Streaming Submodular Matching Meets the Primal-Dual Method
    with David Wajc
    SODA 2021
    [arXiv], [doi], [talk]

  6. Fully-Dynamic Submodular Cover with Bounded Recourse
    with Anupam Gupta
    FOCS 2020
    [arXiv], [doi], [long talk], [short talk]

  7. Finding Skewed Subcubes Under a Distribution
    with with Parikshit Gopalan and Udi Wieder
    ITCS 2020
    [arXiv], [doi]

  8. The Online Submodular Cover Problem
    with Anupam Gupta
    SODA 2020
    [doi], [talk]

  9. Robust Subspace Approximation in a Stream
    with Anish Sevekari and David Woodruff
    NeurIPS 2018

  10. Beyond Sentential Semantic Parsing: Tackling the Math SAT with a Cascade of Tree Transducers
    with Mark Hopkins, Cristian Petrescu-Prahova, Ronan Le Bras, Alvaro Herrasti, and Vidur Joshi
    EMNLP 2017

  11. FigureSeer: Parsing Result-Figures in Research Papers
    with Noah Siegel, Zachary Horvitz, Santosh Kumar Divvala, Ali Farhadi
    ECCV 2016


  1. PTAS for MAP Assignment on Pairwise Markov Random Fields in Planar Graphs
    with Eli Fox-Epstein and David Meierfrankenfeld
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